Our Senior Team

Dr Shahid Raza

(United Kingdom)

  • A highly versatile, self motivated, target oriented, senior executive with extensive experience in healthcare.
  • Has worked with major multinationals GSK and Roche in different functions and in senior management positions.
  • Now based in the UK, Dr Raza has worked globally across physical and functional boundaries.
  • Unique experience of managing and working with markets in the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Europe.

Dr Raza has worked in senior positions and has a diverse management experience covering:

  • Management of R&D, Medical Affairs, Clinical Research and New product development.
  • Business Development focusing on market development and launch of new products.
  • Marketing and sales experience of managing blockbusters and innovative products
  • Overseeing area function including managing country operations and human resource.
  • Strategic development involving new initiatives.
  • Dr Raza has the distinction of successfully working on projects within the R&D as well as commercial domains.
  • He has helped launch successfully a number of products and has been involved in pre and post launch planning and development.
  • Dr Raza is very experienced in working across cultural, physical and functional boundaries and has lead teams, initiatives and collaborative projects across these domains.
  • Dr Raza has an excellent track record of shaping and challenging businesses for delivery of successful results.


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