Alfred F. Spinnler

(Switzerland / Nigeria / Ghana)

  • Senior executive with extensive experience of healthcare having worked in high profile roles for Roche Basle.
  • Has managed special projects and countries with a number of major and significant achievements.
  • Served as Head of Market Research and Sales support for UK and other export markets for the Roche HQ in Basle.
  • Major contribution in setting up and implementing, the Roche Group Marketing Information System (MARKIS), still in use.
  • Had direct marketing responsibility for Scandinavian markets.
  • Reorganised Marketing and Sales for Denmark, while he was based in Copenhagen.
  • Has managed Sales and Product Management teams for Scandinavian markets.
  • Served as the Area Manager for UK and Germany.
  • Founded and establishing two new Roche companies in Norway and Finland.
  • Served as Pharma Director for Anglo Africa and parts of Australasia managing these markets and special projects.
  • As the Head of a Task Force was responsible for sale of Roche India to PIRAMAL and then set up a Roche India scientific office aimed at selling high-tech products.
  • Mr Spinnler was CEO of Roche Nigeria Ltd from 1995 to 2007 and made Roche Nigeria a leading company in Nigeria.
  • As Chairman Mr Spinnler helped establish SWIPHA (Swiss Pharma Ltd.), a local entity responsible for production and in-licensing 3rd parties products from other company’s as well as marketing and selling Roche products.
  • Mr Spinnler continues to be part of the SWIPHA board as a non-ex. Director and Board member.
  • Currently involved with Switzerland, Nigeria and Ghana and is setting up a new company in Nigeria.
    He is also helping businesses in Africa not only in the Pharmaceutical sector but other areas as well such as Solar power / solar water pumps, security systems, communications, etc.
  • Mr Spinnler has very close links with Swiss Government (OSEC), the Swiss Embassy in Abuja and Accra and is a member of Swisscham – Africa and Environmental Technology Club of Switzerland which is part of Swisscham-Africa.
  • He also has close links to Dr. M. Uhomoibhi Nigerian Ambassador in Switzerland and works closely with him on matters of mutual interest.


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